The news chainguard for the kids bikes

made in Bielefeld from Hebie

for kids bikes

The patented and completely closed chain guard for children’s bikes not only enhances the appearance of the bike, but also has a superior function, sturdy construction and a streamlined design, making conventional chain guards look ordinary in comparison. Around 80 individual clips are drawn onto the chain. The chain is riveted to the wheel when the bike is assembled and then the interior parts are threaded and connected without the need for tools. The chain guard moves with the chain. The CHAINLOOPER not only satisfies all statutory regulations relating to protecting children’s hands from the chain, but also offers excellent protection against dirt. The standard chain guard comes in red and black, however other colours can be requested on the order.


In the first model we developed, the inner parts are designed for wheels with 32 teeth at the front and 14-17 teeth at the rear; a varying amount of clips are attached to the chains (developed for KMC 410Z) depending on the wheelbase. In addition we have a new inner part configuration for 25 teeth at the front on stock. These clips will be automatically mounted in our branch in Taiwan, allowing us to deliver prefabricated chains to our customers. When the customer is assembling his bikes in the factory, only the inner parts need to be threaded through without tools – this saves time compared to the assembly of a conventional chain guard.
Technical Info 32 teeth (PDF)  Technical Info 25 teeth (PDF)


orange - blue - yellow - red - green - white - black - and on request

Contact person for CHAINLOOPER:
Ron Hout
Phone 0049 (0)521 91419-43